I had the best first Mother’s Day

Baby with controller

I was so excited for Mother’s Day this year, because it was my very first as a mommy. I’ve always enjoyed Mother’s Day as a day to treat my mom, to make her feel special and hopefully make sure she knows just how much I love and appreciate her. That’s why for my first Mother’s Day, I was so happy that she was here, able to celebrate with me. Obviously Harley is too young to know what yesterday meant, but it was still such a special day. While I was spoiled with delicious treats, it was something else that made it such a special day.

Despite being in the early stages of teething, and struggling with intermittent pain the past few days, Harley was remarkably delightful yesterday. She was full of smiles and laughs, enjoying all her time with her mommy and daddy, her omi, her granny and grandpa, her auntie Kelly, and her godparents. She was so adorable, and we had glorious cuddles and fun together. Becoming a mommy has been such a crazy journey, and it’s only just begun, but my first Mother’s Day just solidified that this was truly the right life choice.

Early on, I remember thinking that it was weird – I didn’t really define myself as a mom yet. I would define myself as a gamer, a geek, a journalist, a wife, but the mom title just didn’t feel comfy yet. I felt almost like a fraud. I mean, I had a kid and I was parenting her, but I wouldn’t have defined myself as a mom if you had asked me on the street or something (why you would be asking me on the street, I’m not too sure). In the past few weeks, though, that’s changed. I have fun with Harley – we play games and sing songs and read books. We make each other laugh. She falls asleep on me. I am her safe place and the one who can reliably make her happy. She smiles at me when I retrieve her from her cot in the morning. I am her mommy, and I’m starting to feel like it.

And so Mother’s Day was so special. I had wonderful friends and family who made it even more special, but it was that recognition that it was my first Mother’s Day as a mommy that filled me with such joy and excitement. It’s a celebration, not when I’m supposed to be “spoiled” or something, but a celebration in my heart for the new kind of love that I get to experience. It’s such a privilege to be a mom. Such a gift. I am so happy to be a mommy, and not just any mommy, but Harley’s mom. I’m the only mom she’ll ever have, and I feel so honored and filled with love.


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