Kids’ shoes should be solid, functional… and adorable

Kids Shoes

I like having fun playing dress up with Harley, but I’m rarely willing to spend that much money on her clothing. Instead, I tend to buy a few gorgeous, more expensive items and then round out the rest with cheaper stuff. So, I might get a gorgeous dress or two, some fun tops or whatever else that’s boutique quality, but round it out with cheapo leggings, socks or whatever else. But I simply won’t compromise on kids’ shoes.

This is a sentiment that I actually blame on friends of ours. Back before Harley was even born, friends in Joburg had their second child, a little boy. The mom then went through her daughter’s closet, then aged 3 or 4, I believe, and gave me ALL her old shoes. This mom is awesome and lovely for many reasons, but I will love her forever for that massive bag of shoes.

You see, these weren’t cheap, crappy shoes. Each pair of shoes was lovely because the mom knew the importance of good arch support, quality soles, and worthwhile fasteners. Kids are already so unstable when they walk and run around, the last thing you want is for them to be tripping over their shoes, getting pinched or even walking funny as a result.

girls shoesThere were a ton of gorgeous shoes in the bag, some of which I’m still waiting for Harley to grow into. A pink pair of Supergas? I found a similar pair on Superbalist and I can’t wait for these to fit!

It’s been a bittersweet thing as she has grown, but I keep having new shoes for her. And I see how much she adores her shoes. She picks out the pair she wants to wear, loving them for a time until they are eventually outgrown and she moves on to the next one. She can run and jump and play in her awesome sturdy shoes, and I never worry that she’s going to slip or trip because of her footwear – only because of who she is as a tiny person.

Can we all just pause and agree that baby shoes and kids’ shoes, in general, are the most adorable things ever? More than baby clothes, it’s the shoes that kill me!kids shoes

Superbalist has a huge selection of gorgeous kids shoes, including awesome baby shoes. What I particularly like when you compare the boys’ shoes and the girls’ shoes is that they aren’t overly gendered. Yes, there are currently slightly more shoes for girls than boys, but that’s because of Minnie Mouse flip flops and the aforementioned pink Supergas. Both boys and girls can get Despicable Me flip flops or shoes with Paw Patrol characters on them. Boys do have Cars shoes that look rather cool, but the main selection of footwear is the same.

Speaking of which, the main selection of footwear looks awesome. I LOVE my Converse, and it’s adorable to see that Harley could get a pair, too. I think I might have to do that, just so that we can match. Besides, I like the quality of Converse shoes. Yes, it pains me to spend as much for her pair of shoes that will last her a few months as it does to buy shoes that last me for years, but one pair of shoes is affordable now and then, plus it’s so important for her to wear footwear that’s comfy and functional. That can be the high-quality item that I mix in with other cheaper stuff to give her an overall funky look. Also, when you get the Superbalist app for iOS or Android, you’ll get R250 off your first purchase of R600 or more, so you could actually get those gorgeous shoes for you and your kid with a nice discount!

Solid functional and adorable kids' shoes

Full disclosure: Yes, this is a sponsored post. But damn, I think I might spend all my earnings on those adorable kids’ Converse.


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