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Kids’ shoes should be solid, functional… and adorable

Kids Shoes

I like having fun playing dress up with Harley, but I’m rarely willing to spend that much money on her clothing. Instead, I tend to buy a few gorgeous, more expensive items and then round out the rest with cheaper stuff. So, I might get a gorgeous dress or two, some fun tops or whatever else that’s boutique quality, but round it out with cheapo leggings, socks or whatever else. But I simply won’t compromise on kids’ shoes.

This is a sentiment that I actually blame on friends of ours. Back before Harley was even born, friends in Joburg had their second child, a little boy. The mom then went through her daughter’s closet, then aged 3 or 4, I believe, and gave me ALL her old shoes. This mom is awesome and lovely for many reasons, but I will love her forever for that massive bag of shoes. Continue Reading


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