PaMu earbuds combine form and function

PaMu earbuds

I would like to think that I’m an audiophile, but the reality is that I’m really not. I didn’t care when I heard the news that Apple was removing the headphone jack from their phones. I don’t listen to music while I work. I have a fabulous SteelSeries headset that I use at my PC, and a great pair of Sony headphones to use when I’m traveling, and I figured I was sorted. But then these PaMu earbuds came into my life, and I’m better for them.

I’ve reviewed all kinds of headsets and devices before over on Critical Hit, but I wasn’t really sure how I’d feel about the PaMu earbuds. Still, they promised that they’d provide excellent sound, and even more importantly, never fall out no matter what I did. I’d long since given up on finding a headset or earbuds I could take with me to the gym, so maybe this was finally the answer. What did I have to lose?

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Can I just say how gorgeous these earbuds are? I’m a sucker for pretty packaging, but this is truly gorgeous and smart. The earbuds arrived in a neat little box, within which was this simple charging box. I seriously love the design. The pods fit perfectly inside and there’s a nice little rotary lid that feels like something out of the future.

Nestled inside were two earbuds that looked smaller than I’d anticipated. Somehow the promise of excellent sound and a design that would never fall out made me think it would have some sort of clamp or strange loops. Instead, the earbuds were equally futuristic looking and really rather cool. At this point, though, I was won over by the charging box – I just loved that I could keep the earbuds in there, charge them through the USB cable and even recharge them as needed. All the win!

The ones I received were white, unlike the sexy black ones they show off in their IndieGoGo campaign. They still look really good in white, but I’m generally more of a fan of black tech. Still, thanks to the white design, I can easily slap on some cool skull stickers or customize them if I want.

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Left and right were clearly indicated and I popped them into my ears. They really did fit perfectly and no matter how much I moved around, they stayed snug without ever feeling uncomfortable. They are a lot lighter than I thought they would be, making it effortless and comfy to wear them as long as desired.

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The PaMu earbuds pair automatically when you take them out of the charging box. I will admit that I had some issues pairing at first. My phone only wanted to pair with the right one, and when I’d tap the right and left ones to try and force it to pair with the left one as well, it just wouldn’t connect. Thankfully, the usual “turn it off and on” technique worked – I was able to put them back in the charging box, take them out again and reconnect and the pairing worked.

Review: PaMu earbuds combine form and function

I will say that the Bluetooth connection is pretty good, although still suffers from the same pitfalls as other Bluetooth connections. Sometimes pairing with one or both earbuds will drop at random. It’s not a huge deal and mostly happened when there was interference or wind or other issues. However, when you’re listening to music and suddenly half the sound drops away, it can be rather frustrating.

You can just tap the earbuds to answer calls, which is easy and intuitive. It was fabulous to switch from music to calls with just a tap on the left earbud, without needing to get my phone out from my bag.

Hear me

The sound quality with the PaMu earbuds was way better than I’d anticipated. In my experience with other audio devices, you really need an over-ear cup to effectively block out noise and deliver a quality audio experience. These earbuds proved me wrong, though. The noise cancellation was really rather good, to the point where I HAD to take them out to hear people at the gym – a good problem to have!

While the bass in earbuds will never give you that deep feeling you might get from other headsets or speakers, it was still mighty impressive. Plus, by blocking out other noises and delivering some truly quality sound straight into your ears, you’re sure to be able to rock out to your favorite songs while on the go or working up a sweat.

Review: PaMu earbuds combine form and function |

Final Thoughts

I have seen excellent results at the gym thanks to these earbuds. I work faster with the right music, pushing myself harder during cardio and weight training. This means I’m moving more vigorously and the PaMu earbuds never moved or fell out, giving me even more confidence to push myself. I highly recommend this to anyone who likes to take their sounds with them on the go. Whether you want to blast your tunes during a gym session, or simply listen to your favorite podcast while blocking out the rest of the world on public transportation, you’ll never want to use any other earbuds after trying the PaMu earbuds.


Full disclosure: I was sent the PaMu earbuds for free for review purposes. All content, opinions, and editorial are my own.



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