Please buy me these awesome geeky gifts

Please buy me these awesome geeky gifts for Mother's Day

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It’s coming up on Mother’s Day, which means I’m actually probably late for doing a shopping guide. All the organized bloggers probably did this months ago, with amazingly curated lists of beautiful items thanks to great brand collaborations and whatnot. However, I have barely had a moment to breathe thanks to hectic work deadlines and a little girl who has decided that she doesn’t want to go to sleep early or sleep in later than 5:45 am. I told the husband that he needs to make a big deal out of the Mother’s Day, though, and I promised that I’d give him a list of all the awesome geeky gifts that I’d like.

I mean sure, he could always just get me some Lindt chocolate – you know, the red ball thingies that melt in your mouth and are ridiculously delicious. But I figured I’d use this as an excuse to basically just window shop online. Besides, maybe I can make this list once and just retool it when it comes time for my birthday or some other special occasion that warrants a nice present. So, if you’re Dean, just read on below. If you’re anyone else, please be advised that there are affiliate links and stuff, so big disclaimer – I might make some money if you buy these cool things. And, without further ado, here are some ideas of what to buy other cool, quirky, geeky ladies who maybe like the same things I do.

Okay, first of all, I don’t actually expect this first one. In fact, I’m not even sure how much I’ll play with it right now. But I would love a Nintendo Switch. So many great games have come out on it, and everyone is raving. But considering I’d probably play almost exclusively in the lounge anyway, we might as well actually just spend the money on a PlayStation 4 Pro instead. Right? RIGHT? I already have a FitBit, but if someone else is reading this and wondering – yes, it would make a wonderful gift. That or an Apple Watch.

But really, I’m not expecting anything that expensive. So, what would I like for Mother’s Day along with chocolate, love, affection and a nice lunch/dinner? This license plate could be kinda cool, and maybe if I had a ring on my phone I’d have more maneuverability and whatnot. So these are cool.

But what I think I’d really love are these leggings with this top so that I could dress up like Wonder Woman… sorta. This R2D2 and BB8 tote bag is pretty awesome. As is this Princess Leia one-piece bathing suit (seeing as I need to get Harley back in the pool during Arizona’s death heat). OMG, or this R2D2 skirt that has POCKETS!

Actually, I’ll be honest, I’m not feeling this shopping list thing. The truth is, Dean and I buy each other awesome stuff all the time. When I was a teenager, my mom and I used to play this game while she was going through a horrible divorce. We’d imagine our perfect partner. And I remember she used to laugh but one of my random things I came up with was that I wanted someone who would buy me “unexpected gifts for no reason”. It sounds so silly, but it’s true. I wanted someone who didn’t need a special occasion, but would just see something or think of something and get it for me. That’s what Dean does, often buying me games or setting me up with yet more streaming services so that I can be entertained, happy and as relaxed as possible with a tiny human around.

So, instead of buying me something which I probably don’t need, I know what I’d like for Mother’s Day. I’d like some quiet time alone together to chat. I’d like a day out with our kid, to the zoo or the aquarium or some special geeky event in the city. I’d like an experience that I’ll remember. But mostly, I’d like for there to be some pause in the day when I’m noticed and appreciated. Because I truly know that I am loved, that I am seen, that I am valued. But I suppose sometimes it’s nice to hear or see it on a micro level.

Having time to actually sit and think, to write this post and shop and imagine all the things I could put on a wish list has made me realize that I already have the things I want. I mean sure, I could ask for random fandom stuff to fill the house with cool crap, but really, I already have all the things that make me fulfilled. So, Dean, if you’re still reading this – maybe just buy me a mani/pedi?

What do you guys want for gifts? Are you still looking for that ultimate material possession, or are you seeking cool experiences? Where do you shop for the coolest, unique novelty items?

Please buy me these awesome geeky gifts for Mother's Day


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