SNAPnSAVE will save you money no matter where you shop


Babies are expensive. Actually, no, the baby themselves aren’t expensive – there are easy ways to keep your baby clean, fed and safe without spending a fortune. The expenses come for all the things you want to do with your child, you know, like educate them or take them to swimming classes (something I’ve started and will be blogging about soon!). Times are tight, and whether you have kids or not, we can all benefit from saving money. Recently, I wrote about SNAPnSAVE on Tums2Tots, and I just have to share why it’s so cool.

You can read about how the app actually works in my article, but the main thing I’m impressed by is that you can shop pretty much anywhere. Do you typically buy a pie at the petrol station? Or your milk at Spar vs PicknPay? No problem, SNAPnSAVE is still rad for you. It’s more about the products you buy rather than where you buy them.

Obviously, the brands who give the savings to the app are interested in you buying their product. That’s why specific brands of cookies, bread, chips or baby products will be listed from one week to the next. But then there are also the open savings – save a few Rands on a liter of milk, or on feta cheese, or on any manicure. The opportunities are vast, which means you can get savings from doing your normal shop.

That’s my issue with most coupons – they’re usually on things you didn’t really want to buy. Sure, you might want to buy some of the things, but usually they offer you money for buying specific items at specific stores. This app gives you way more freedom. I love that I can still get my fresh items at Woolies and my pantry goods at PicknPay and still get money back. Plus, I have a nice offer for you – if you download the app and use the promo code “Tums2Tots”, you will instantly get an extra R10 in your wallet. Easy money.

There might not be savings every time you shop, or on all the products you typically buy, but I’ve been using the app for a couple months now and I generally find something worth claiming every week or two. I don’t think that’s too bad. So, check out the article, download the app, and let me know if you actually start saving money.


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