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Let’s talk about my boobs – TMI warning, obviously

Let's talk about my boobs - TMI warning, obviously

I feel like I’ve known you all long enough. Okay, maybe some of you have finally decided to read this blog because you get to read about my boobs, and that’s also fine. Either way, I want to get a bit personal today and share some stuff about my breasts. They’ve been through quite a journey in recent years, and I think they deserve the attention.

I really loved my boobs when I was younger. I had those ideal, 20-something-year-old boobs when I was at university. The kind that were big and full enough to fill out a top, but small enough that I didn’t really NEED to wear a bra unless I wanted to. You know, if I wanted extra push up and cleavage. I’m not trying to brag about my body or something. There were plenty of other aspects of my physique that I wasn’t wild about, but my boobs weren’t on that list. Continue Reading


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