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It’s the final countdown… sort of

Okay, so I still have to get through a bunch more weeks of being pregnant, but it feels like I’ve entered the final phase. Obviously I’m in my third trimester, but more than that, I only have about nine more weeks to go, depending on when Harley decides to make her appearance. On the one hand, that’s sort of a while still – a bunch more evenings spent with my feet up covered in ice packs, unable to drink anything fun and generally just feeling like my body isn’t my own. But, those days are numbered.

I am officially in single digit weeks. I know that seems like a silly thing to be happy about, and I should probably think about it more in terms of the fact that it’s only two more months, but it’s strangely uplifting to realize that there isn’t really that much longer to go. The end is nigh… sort of. Continue Reading


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