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Why Omran Daqneesh breaks my heart

Omran Daqueesh and Alan Kurdi

The conflict in Syria is serious business. It’s devastating, leading to thousands of deaths and displaced people. While the debate rages in Europe and America about refugees and who we do or do not want in a country, our humanity is being tested. I remember being a fairly young kid during the crisis in former Yugoslavia, and Elie Wiesel went to see the camps there, then “the latest holocaust”. He went to shed light on the plight of people anywhere in the world – whenever we stop seeing a group of people as our own, there will always be horror and death. The latest dehumanized group seems to be anyone from the Middle East, or probably better put, any muslim. Omran Daqneesh changes that.

During recent political talks with my mom, or with anyone really although she and I talk about it the most often, we are shocked at the current political situation in America. But then we look back, and can point to any period of time when even great presidents did awful things. Just look at FDR turning back a ship packed with jews during WWII, sending them back to certain death. He was an amazing president, but that was a terrible decision. A decision that Europe and America are making all over again, this time with Syrians. But this isn’t a post about politics. This is about a scared little boy who breaks my heart into tiny little pieces. Continue Reading


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