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Warm cuddles on a cold day

The first cold front of the season has officially hit Joburg. It is a delightfully cold day today, that I’d be enjoying way more if I weren’t also coming down with a touch of the plague. In fact, I was feeling pretty sorry for myself last night and this morning – it sucks enough to be sick, but even more not to be able to take any of the good drugs. Apparently my normal cold meds aren’t allowed while breastfeeding, so I just have to take some silly painkillers and cough lozenges and hope for the best. There are homeopathic remedies, but those simply don’t work for me.

So yeah, I was sniffling and feeling tired and sorry for myself last night. But then I had some awesome cuddles while breastfeeding Harley, and I was reminded why I’m not taking cold meds. She needs me right now. I am her only and complete source of nourishment. How could I do anything else? Continue Reading


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