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The ups and downs of maternity leave

I am very lucky to have my dream job. As Content Editor and PR Manager over on Lazygamer.net, I get to do work that I enjoy, usually in the comfort of my PJs. I work hard, but because I love what I do, it rarely feels draining; rather, I’m excited to get up every morning and create cool content, engage with fun people and throw around a ridiculous amount of banter with my coworkers. For the past couple months, I’ve been on maternity leave. While I’ve incredibly grateful to be given this time off, it certainly has its ups and downs.

I’m lucky enough to be given three months of maternity leave. That means that I still have a few weeks before I go back to work, and even when I return, I’m even more lucky – I already work from home and have a company that supports me and will work around my baby-influenced schedule as much as possible. Yes, it is the dream situation for most women. But maternity leave isn’t all great. Continue Reading


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