Warning: erratic blogging ahead

I have prided myself on something since starting this little space on the internet. While occasionally I’ve blogged later than planned, since I’ve started I’ve only really “missed” days of blogging while in hospital or when I was far too sleep deprived to string a sentence together. Otherwise, every day of the week, I’ve posted a new blog filled with musings, news or whatever else. Not so for the past two days, and it makes me wonder how many more days of blogging I’ll miss in the coming couple weeks.

You see, my mom has arrived from the states. She’s here for the about 3 weeks, taking the opportunity to bond with little Harley and get to know the munchkin, as well as for us to obviously visit and spend our time together. While we aren’t busy with touristy stuff or anything, the day does seem to flow differently with her around. Then again, today we went to get our nails done, so that was rather different from how I normally spend my Thursdays. Yes, I took leave for today and tomorrow.

It has been nice to hang out, nice to catch up, and lovely for her to get to know her granddaughter. It’s a long visit, which is sorta necessary with her coming from some far away, and should hopefully give us plenty of time to take our three generation photos. I want her to learn how Harley likes to be held (although that will probably change from moment to moment), and to play all kinds of silly games with her, sing songs, read books, and do all the other fun stuff that I know she’s wanted to do but couldn’t because she was on the other side of the world. It’s so great for them to have this chance to get to know each other, and obviously there will be many more such visits in the future, just hopefully next time when I have a bigger living space – I really hope that three weeks of all of us being on top of each other doesn’t lead to crazy fights or frustrations or whatever else.

So, I will still be blogging when I can, although the schedule may become erratic. There’s still so much that I want to say. But, I might not manage to blog every day, ending up far too busy chatting, laughing and playing with Harley and her Omi to sit down and put words together. If you miss seeing what I’m up to, be sure to follow me on Instagram, twitter and Facebook where I’ll be posting more regularly… I hope.


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