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I think by now we all know that reading to our offspring is incredibly important. It boosts vocabulary and language skills, is important for bonding, and helps with literacy and education for life. I asked for books at Harley’s baby shower, and when people ask me what I want for her first birthday, I think I will ask for more books, or subscriptions with The Book Owl. That’s why I’m very happy to be able to giveaway one month of The Book Owl to a lucky reader.

I first heard about The Book Owl over on Pregnant in Cape Town & Ever After. It sounded like Loot Crate, but for books for little ones, which it pretty much is. Last week, I decided it was time for me to give it a whirl, so I signed up for a one month trial box. Kirsten, the genius behind this service, wrote to me to find out Harley’s name, interests, and which books we already have to avoid duplications. But there are so many more reasons to love The Book Owl.

Book Owl delivery
Special delivery for Harley

The box arrived for Harley, complete with three individually wrapped books, a letter to me, a letter to Harley as well as some activity pages for the two of us. It was so nice to receive a letter explaining why the books were selected, as well as advice about reading them to her. Plus, there was such a sweet note to Harley, telling her about the books in her package and why The Book Owl thought that she’d like them.

Each book is beautifully hand wrapped, allowing for a great book unwrapping day, or letting parents save them for a later date. Harley is still too young to unwrap the books herself, or even really know what’s going on. As a result, I unwrapped all the books myself just to see what was inside. In the future, I think I will hoard the presents for her to unwrap on a day when she is irritable, sad, or just plain needs a present – what could be a better present than a new book to read?

How exciting! Harley’s first delivery from The Book Owl – can’t wait to read them to her!

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Harley got such wonderful books in this first box! I was able to indicate her age to get books that are appropriate for her, and such fun to read to her. First up is an adorable board book featuring different colors and patterns. Then there’s a gorgeous and silly contribution from Emily Gravett, Orange Pear Apple Bear, that uses those four words in different combinations to create adorable and hilarious combinations of images. Finally, Julia Donaldson’s The Snail and the Whale tells a wonderful story with some intriguing pictures to inspire Harley to see the world.

Each book is a wonderful addition to her little library of books, and I am happy to read any and all of them repeatedly… at least for now. Of course, I won’t have to read them repeatedly just yet – Harley is still too young to know exactly what she’s reading. Plus, thanks to the fact that I will be signing up for a bunch more months, by the time she is old enough to understand the stories and request one book or another, she will have tons of books in her collection. I simply love the idea of getting books for her each month, and that they will be tailored to her unique interests and preferences. What could be a better way to grow a little book worm?

I’m sure all of you would also like to get awesome books for your little one. And you can! I’m giving away a free month with The Book Owl so that you can see what it’s all about. How do you enter? Well, comment on this blog with your favorite childhood book (I’m always looking for more titles for Harley). For extra entries, you can visit me and The Book Owl on Facebook and Twitter, and give us follows and likes if you’re so inclined. This giveaway runs for one week, so enter now to stand a chance to win. Best of luck to all of you – nothing beats giving your kid the gift of reading. (Sorry, entries only open for residents of South Africa)   a Rafflecopter giveaway


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