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BioNike for Psoriasis – an experiment


I’ve had psoriasis pretty much forever. Whenever someone sees the psoriasis, they will ask if I’ve tried product X. I will usually reply with, “Yes, I’ve tried every product out there” – with so many years of trying anything I could get my hands on, I figure that’s a pretty accurate statement to make. However, I do realize that new companies and products are continually entering the market, so that statement eventually becomes false. As such, when some wonderful ladies from Dischem approached me about a new product range from a company called BioNike, I figured it was worth a try, if for nothing other than to still be able to use my standard line.

At the moment, my psoriasis is flared – it isn’t always this bad, but it’s definitely gotten worse since having Harley, and my experiments with coconut oil didn’t help. So, I was happy to give the BioNike products a whirl, especially on my forehead and ears. It’s been a couple months now, so I think I can be pretty confident about my experience. Continue Reading


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