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Is regular meditation helping me? Yes, yes it is!

Is regular meditation helping me? Yes, yes it is!

(Photo by Julia Sakałoŭskaja on Reshot)

Back in December, when I said that I wanted to start meditating as one of my goals for the year, I had actually already started. So I guess that means that I’m already two months into my new meditation practice, and seriously loving it. But I know it sounds super New Age-y, and probably a bit odd for people who know me. I’m a geek, a techie. Sure, I buy the super expensive free-range, cage-free eggs and have a few other “crunchy” tendencies, but mostly I’m a modern, sarcastic, pragmatic kinda woman. So what am I doing meditating, and what am I getting out of it?

Well, it’s precisely because I’m so modern, sarcastic, and pragmatic that meditation is ideal. The reality is that I often feel like I’m thinking about a bajillion things at once. If I’m not thinking about work, I’m thinking about this blog or my YouTube channel. If I’m not thinking about my kid or my husband, I’m thinking about my mom, my friends. I’m planning dinners and figuring out when I’ll slot in a gym visit. I’m thinking through a grocery shopping list and trying to organize a meet up with some local working moms. Life is busy, and I’ve often lamented not even having a chance to breathe. But meditation has helped me get exactly that. Continue Reading


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