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Everyone needs a robot vacuum – An Ecovacs Deebot review

An Ecovacs Deebot review

I’ve told you before about how I’ve changed the way I see time. Every moment that I have is valuable, even if I choose to use it to binge on Netflix series or relax outside with my husband drinking a glass of wine. Thanks to working per hour as a freelance writer, I am much more aware of how valuable my time is, and I appreciate time-saving hacks or tech. Which is why I wanted to share my Ecovacs Deebot review and why I think that everyone needs a robot vacuum.

In the interest of full disclosure, yes, I will be using affiliate links in this post in the hopes that you click on them and buy yourself a robot vacuum. I bought this one with my own money, and I’m not being paid by anyone to write this review, so it’s all totally honest. But I like this thing far too much, I think you will too, and I’d like to earn some extra cash if my words help you decide that this is the vacuum for you. Continue Reading


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