The New Normal

new normal

There is so much to say about what’s going on. About our family, our life, and this wild state of the world. But I want to use this time and these words to dive into something that I’ve heard other people saying and even found myself talking about. The desire for things to go back to normal. Will that ever be a thing again? Or will our definition of normal be forever altered?

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Grateful for Gratitude

Grateful for Gratitude

I alluded to it in my end of the year recap, but I joined a gratitude project towards the end of last year. It didn’t really seem like my normal vibe, to be honest. But I kept reading about the power of gratitude and how taking note of something to be grateful for each day led to a more abundant lifestyle. Figuring “why not”, I gave it a whirl, and I can’t believe how much it truly has changed my life. Continue Reading

Looking back on 2019 – The year that was

I can’t believe 2019 is wrapping up. It has been SUCH an eventful year, it’s hard to even believe or remember where I was this time last year. If you’re curious, you can look back on these yearly wraps I’ve done before. Here is 2018, 2017, and 2016. Every year I answer the same questions – they’re more intense and complicated than the usual fluff you see in yearly wraps. They also help me take a real look at myself and the year that was before I prepare goals for the coming year and dive into all the things that await. Continue Reading

A Dream Job, Again

Dream job

When I started this blog what feels like a million years ago, I had the dream day job – I was a video game and tech journalist with the biggest site in South Africa. It was a dream come true, where I spent my days writing about video games, traveling around the world to play video games, reviewing some of the latest and greatest technology and I even got to attend E3 and Gamescom. I always told people it was the dream job, even though the pay wasn’t great and it turned playing some games into a slog. Continue Reading

My 4th of July Was a Sign of Great Days to Come

My 4th of July Was a Sign of Great Days to Come

I have been largely absent from this blog. In large part, it’s because I’m avoiding talking about some stuff, and I don’t want to share parts here until I can share all the things. But I had a wonderful day on the 4th of July, and it felt momentous in a way. I’m hoping that other moms with young kids can identify, and maybe get a little bit of hope.

Earlier in the week, I asked my mom when things got easier. I know that parenting is always hard, and that “momlife” is a perpetual struggle. But I also remembered having a blast on family vacations. I remembered going for coffee and a scone with my mom, sitting and talking (although I can’t remember WHAT we used to talk about). Continue Reading